Mathematics-1 (CSE 1-1)

(15A54101) MATHEMATICS – I

  • To train the students thoroughly in Mathematical concepts of ordinary differential equations and their applications.
  • To prepare students for lifelong learning and successful careers using mathematical concepts of differential and Integral calculus, ordinary differential equations and vector calculus.
  • To develop the skill pertinent to the practice of the mathematical concepts including the students abilities to formulate and modeling the problems, to think creatively and to synthesize information.
Study Material's For Mathematics-I:
Linear and Bernoulli equations: Download
1st Order Equations & Orthogonal trajectories: Download
Non-homogeneous L.D.E of 2nd & higher order: Download

Method of variation of parameters: Download
Linear D.E With Variable Constants: Download
Euler-Cauchy Equation: Download
Legendre Equation: Download
Applications Of Differential Equations: Download

Taylor and Maclaurin Series: Download
Lagrange's Multipliers: Download
Radius Of Curvature: Download

Unit-IV & V:
Double & Triple Integrals: Download
Multiple integral & Vector Calculus: Download

Supply Question Paper-2016: Download


  1. Please accept my request I need m1 material as early as possible because I have exam

  2. Plz accept my request I have a exam I want M1 material


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