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Creativestellar's - one stop blog for B.Tech students, Which Includes study Materials for the subjects that are in placed accordingly in semester order. It includes Files like PDF,, PPT'S, Word  Documents for the Subjects.It has Previous Year Question Paper for all the departments (CSE, ECE, EEE, MECH, CIVIL), with the Regulation like (R15,R13).

We are covering the details of the events which are happening at our near places, making students aware about the fest's, workshops, Quest's etc   i.e from (affilated,NIT, & IIT, colleges). The menu Item jobs also provides an clear lool at the notifiaction for the govt jobs.
We would like to thank two people who helped And supported us from the begining of the project. Thank you for your support, the two people are

S.Anil Kumar ( CSE Department)

G.Bharath Kumar ( CSE Department)

Team Mail Id: janathateam09@gmail.com

Team Members 
P Dinesh Kumar -  C.E.O 
K Manoj Raju - C.O.O 
K Thanuj Chowdary - C.M.O 
C Hari Krishna - M.D 
Prudhvi Raj
Rohith Kumar

For Any Help from us(Just like Asking any sort of study material's ,Textbooks),or any complaints .... 
Email us: creativestellars@gmail.com

Contact Details:
Dinesh ( CSE )- 9493037792
Mail-id - petadineshkumar97@gmail.com
Manoj Raju ( CSE )- 8886799428
Mail-id- manojraju8899@gmail.com
Thanuj Chowdary ( ECE )- 8297904515     
Hari Krishna ( CSE )- 7095258814
Mail-id- chekuruharikrishna@gmail.com


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