Management Science (CSE Sem 4-1)

Course Objective: The objective of the course is to equip the student the fundamental knowledge of management science and its application for effective management of human resource, materials and operation of an organization. It also aims to expose the students about the latest and contemporary developments in the field of management.

Introduction to Management: Concept-Nature and Importance of Management, Functions-Evaluation of Scientific Management, Modern management-Motivation Theories-Leadership Styles-Decision MakingProcess-Designing Organization Structure- Principles and Types of Organization.

Operations Management: Plant location and Layout, Methods of production, Work- Study-Statistical Quality Control through Control Charts, Objectives of Inventory Management, Need for Inventory Control-EOQ&ABC Analysis(Simple Problems)Marketing Management: Meaning,Nature, Functions of Marketing, Marketing Mix, Channels of distribution Advertisement and sales promotion-Marketing strategies-Product Life Cycle.

Human Resource Management(HRM): Significant and Basic functions of HRM- Human Resource Planning(HRP), Job evaluation, Recruitment and Selection,Placement and Induction-Wage and Salary administration. Employee Training and development-Methods-Performance Appraisal-Employee Grievances-techniques of handling Grievances.

Strategic Management: Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategy- Corporate Planning Process-Environmental Scanning-SWOT analysis-Different Steps in Strateg Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation. Project Management: Network Analysis- PERT, CPM, Identifying Critical Path-Probability-Project Cost Analysis, Project Crashing (Simple Problems).

Contemporary Management Practices: Basic concepts of MIS-Materials Requirement Planning(MRP),Just-In-Time(JIT)System, Total Quality Management(TQM)-Six Sigma and Capability Maturity Models(CMM) evies, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP),Performance Management, Business Process Outsourcing(BPO), Business Process Re-Engineering and Bench Marking, Balance Score Card.

Study Material's for Management Science

Complete Lecture Notes: Download
Short & Easy Notes for M.S: Download
Management Science[Text Book] by Aryasri: Download
2 Mark's for all Units: Download
Important Questions (QB): Download

Introduction to Management: Download
Part-II: Download

Operations Management: Download
Marketing Management: Download

Human Resources Management: Download

Strategic Management: Download
Project Management: Download

Contemporary Management Practices: Download


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