Stay Away From Garlic If You Suffering From ....


This fact is for sure that garlic is a treat for our taste buds. Most of Indian cuisines are incomplete without a hint of garlic. Not only for culinary purpose, garlic has been used for several other benefits as well. But sometimes, even the healthiest of thing can prove deadly for us.
Don’t consume garlic if you’re suffering from any of these 7 health problems...

Liver Malfunction
If your liver is not working properly then it’s better that you say goodbye to garlic. It can aggravate your liver problem further.
Taking Homeopathic Medicines? 
If you’re taking homeopathic medicines for any illness, then stay away from garlic. Both garlic and onion can render your medicines useless. 

Low Blood Pressure

If you suffer from chronic low blood pressure, then garlic is not a good option for you. It can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels.


รข€‹If you’re anaemic, then garlic is a no-no for you. Garlic can cause haemoglobin deficiency in body. 


Suffering from indigestion? Keep your hands off the garlic and spicy food till your digestion is back on track.

Are you on Birth Control Pills?  

Too much garlic can reduce the efficiency of birth control pills. 

If You're Pregnant...

During pregnancy, garlic can be harmful if you consume it in large quantities. Garlic heats your body up which can lead to miscarriage.