7 Benefits of Drinking Lime Water Everyday

Say bye to any infections!

Lemon juice or lime juice have many medicinal properties other than it’s tangy taste we so love! It has been a part of Indian cuisine for ages for both its taste and other useful properties. Just like that, lime water has even more amazing uses and drinking it daily is much more beneficial than consuming lime juice. To make lime juice, squeeze 2 limes or lemons in 1 liter of water. You may or may not add any flavoring to it because the lemony flavor is very light and you might enjoy it as is. Drink this water in portions throughout the day.

1. Keeps away urinary tract infections

Living in a humid climate like our country, it is common to contract urinary tract infections. Making 1 litre of lime water daily will keep all infections away for all your life.

2. Helps prevent kidney stones

With our lifestyle becoming fast, and stress levels going up, every person has a tendency to form kidney stones. Drinking lime water daily prevents kidney stones from occurring. And if someone already has kidney stones, drinking it will definitely reduce the size to almost negligible. It prevents kidney stone formation by rapid excretion of urinary oxalates.

3. Works as a natural detoxifying agent

Once you are on a lime water diet, you don’t need to consume those various types of detox drinks, lime water will take care of all of it! Since it is high in potassium, it helps excrete body waste from the kidneys faster and more efficiently.

4. Helps in losing weight

You can call lime water as the ultimate fat loss drink. Coupled with a proper diet and routine exercise, lime water will help you lose weight faster than without it.

5. Keeps away oral infections

It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that keep away issues such as bad breath, tooth pain, gum pain or bleeding gums.

6. Balances the pH of your skin

Since lime water contains high Vitamin C content, it nourishes and hydrates skin making it softer and smooth. It keeps aging issues such as wrinkles, dull skin, dry patchy skin away!

7. It helps in the uptake of nutrients by body efficiently

Drinking lime water increases the uptake of several other vital nutrients like calcium, iron and various other minerals as it creates an acid medium in the intestines facilitating the process.

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