Geotechnical Engineering-II (Civil 3-2)

Course Objective: The knowledge of this subject is essential to use the principles of Soil Mechanics to design the foundations, Earth retaining structures and slope stability safely and economically.

SOIL EXPLORATION: Need – Methods of soil exploration – Boring and Sampling methods – Field tests – Penetration Tests – Plate load test – Pressure meter – planning of Programme and preparation of soil investigation report.

EARTH SLOPE STABILITY: Infinite and finite earth slopes – types of failures – factor of safety of infinite slopes – stability analysis by Swedish arc method, standard method of slices, Bishop‟s Simplified method – Taylor‟s Stability Number- Stability of slopes of earth dams under different conditions.

EARTH PRESSURE THEORIES: Rankine‟s theory of earth pressure – earth pressures in layered soils – Coulomb‟s earth pressure theory – Rebhann‟s and Culmann‟s graphical methods
RETAINING WALLS: Types of retaining walls – stability of retaining walls.

SHALLOW FOUNDATIONS: Types – choice of foundation – Location of depth – Safe Bearing Capacity – Terzaghi`s, Meyerhoff‟s and Skempton`s Methods 
ALLOWABLE BEARING PRESSURE : Safe bearing pressure based on N- value – allowable bearing pressure; safe bearing capacity and settlement from plate load test – allowable settlements of structures – Settlement Analysis

PILE FOUNDATION: Types of piles – Load carrying capacity of piles based on static pile formulae – Dynamic pile formulae – Pile load tests – Load carrying capacity of pile groups in sands and clays – Settlement of pile groups.
WELL FOUNDATIONS: Types – Different shapes of wells – Components of wells – functions and Design Criteria – Sinking of wells – Tilts and shifts.

Study Material's for Geotechnical Engineering-II

Geotechnical Engineering, 4th edition by C.Venkataramaiah: Download

Soil Exploration: Download
Soil Exploration[PPT]: Download

Infinite & Finite Earth Slopes[PPT]: Download
Types of Failures[PPT]: Download
Earth Slopes & Stability: Download

Earth Pressures: Download
Rebhann & culmann graphical method[PPT]: Download
Rebhann & culmanns Theory: Download
Retaining Walls: Download

Shallow Foundation: Download
Foundations[PPT]: Download
Allowable Bearing Pressure: Download
Shallow & Bearing Pressure(Total): Download

Pile Foundation: Download
Pile Foundation[PPT]: Download
Well Foundations: Download
Well Foundations[PPT]: Download