Functional English (CSE 1-1)

English is an international language as well as a living and vibrant one. People have found that knowledge of English is a passport for better career, better pay, and advanced knowledge and for communication with the entire world. As it is a language of opportunities in this global age,English is bound to expand its domain of use everywhere. The syllabus has been designed to enhance communication skills of the students of engineering and pharmacy. The prescribed book serves the purpose of preparing them for everyday communication and to face the global competitions in future.
The text prescribed for detailed study focuses on LSRW skills and vocabulary development. The teachers should encourage the students to use the target language. The classes should be interactive and learner-centered. They should be encouraged to participate in the classroom activities keenly. In addition to the exercises from the text done in the class, the teacher can bring variety by using authentic materials such as newspaper articles, advertisements, promotional material etc.


  • To enable the students to communicate in English for academic and social purpose.
  • To enable the students to acquire structure and written expressions required for their profession.
  • To develop the listening skills of the students.
  • To inculcate the habit of reading and critical thinking skills.
  • To enhance the study skills of the students with emphasis on LSRW skills.
Text Books:
MindScapes- Anna University book

Have improved communication in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in general.
Have developed their oral communication and fluency in group discussions and interviews.
Have improved awareness of English in science and technology context.
Have achieved familiarity with a variety of technical reports.

Study Material's For Functional English

Guidelines For Poster Design: Download

Compound Nouns: Download
Imperatives: Download
Subject Verb Agreement: Download

Group Discussion: Download
Homonyms and Homophones: Download

Adverbs: Download
Book/Movie Review: Download
Common Affixes: Download
Debate: Download
Double Consonants: Download

Prepositions: Download
Tweeting & Blogging: Download
Types Of Interviews: Download

Question Paper: Download