Engineering Physics (CSE 1-1)

  • To evoke interest on applications of superposition effects like interference and diffraction, the mechanisms of emission of light, achieving amplification of electromagnetic radiation through stimulated emission, study of propagation of light through transparent dielectric wave guides along with engineering applications.
  • To enlighten the periodic arrangement of atoms in crystals, direction of Bragg planes, crystal structure determination by X-rays and non-destructive evaluation using ultrasonic techniques.
  • To get an insight into the microscopic meaning of conductivity , classical and quantum free electron model, the effect of periodic potential on electron motion, evolution of band theory to distinguish materials and to understand electron transport mechanism in solids.
  • To open new avenues of knowledge and understanding semiconductor based electronic devices , basic concepts and applications of semiconductors and magnetic materials have been introduced which find potential in the emerging micro device applications.
  •  To give an impetus on the subtle mechanism of superconductors in terms of conduction of electron pairs using BCS theory, different properties exhibited by them and their fascinating applications. Considering the significance of micro miniaturization of electronic devices and significance of low dimensional materials, the basic concepts of nano materials, their synthesis, properties and applications in emerging technologies are elicited.

Material's for Engineering Physics

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